Joe Biden And Donald Trump Talks In Two Different Town Halls Ahead Of U.S. Presidential Election

The second presidential candidate debate was called off after President Donald Trump tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Earlier, it was decided that both of them will have a virtual debate but President Trump declined to participate in one. This led to two different separate town hall broadcast. According to Reuters polls, Joe Biden is ahead in the race of presidential election 2020.

Joe Biden: America Don’t Panic.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on the ABC television network that Republican candidate Donald Trump panicked about the coronavirus pandemic in the country. “The president was informed about how dangerous this virus was. We learned that he knew well how serious it was when he did an interview with Bob Woodward and at the time he said he didn’t tell anybody because he was afraid Americans would panic–Americans don’t panic, he panicked and didn’t say a word to anybody,” he said in the town hall.

Meanwhile, Trump defended himself on NBC about his handling of the coronavirus crisis. He said that he has heard “different stories” about the efficacy of masks. His statement of contrary as his own administration’s public health experts insist people on wearing the mask and social distance. Last month, Trump said in a debate that the coronavirus is “China’s fault” and it should have never happened. Furthermore, he added that governors had praised him for doing a “phenomenal job.”

Trump: I Don’t Know Anything About QAnon Movement

On Thursday, Trump was witnessed defending a pro-Trump community named QAnon which has been called a potential terrorism threat to the country. He said that he doesn’t know anything about the community but acknowledged one of the community’s theories which involves pedophilia.

During his time on the network, he was questioned about the New York investigation that happened two decades ago. However, he effortlessly dodged questions regarding it. However, he didn’t deny the report of Time’s which said he only paid USD 750 in federal income tax during his first year as a President. Moreover, he confirmed the report that he has USD 400 Million in guaranteed loans and also added that the amount was a “peanut” if compared with his net worth.

Joe Biden: I Have Big Plans

Joe Biden said that his plan is to raise taxes on people making money more than USD 400,000. In the town hall setting, one young Black man recalled the former vice president’s comment on the radio that conveyed if someone is struggling to support him or Trump, “you ain’t black.” The man asked “Besides ‘you ain’t black’ how he can convince black voters to participate “in a system that has failed to protect them?”

Biden didn’t comment on the controversial statement but added a list of policies he plans to add to help black people. He said that he would help the first-time homebuyers with USD 15,000 credit for down payments and provide USD 70 Billion in funding for government-backed loans for black young businessman and historically Black colleges and universities. After articulating the things on his list, he asked the man if he’d heard enough, the young man said “Uh, I think so.”

The final debate between the two presidential candidates is scheduled for October 22 2020 in Nashville.

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