Trump Plans Return to Campaign Trail after Completion of COVID-19 Treatment

On Friday, Republican President Donald Trump mapped his return to the campaign trail with a pair of weekend rallies after his COVID-19 report ‘benched’ him for a week in the race against Democratic nominee Joe Biden for the White House.

Trump feels “Really Good”

Trump, who declared he had been infected with the coronavirus on October 2 and spent three nights in a military hospital getting treatment. Late on Thursday, Trump stated that he was feeling “really good” and, with a doctor’s blessing, he is focused on the campaign in Florida on Saturday and in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

Trump’s illness has restricted him from crisscrossing the country to rally support and raise cash in the final weeks before the November 3 election. A return to in-person events would be focused on convincing voters he is fit enough to campaign and to govern.

While Trump has tweeted several videos, he has not appeared in public since he got back home from the hospital on Monday. Biden is continuously campaigning, with events scheduled on Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines say people who are severely ill with COVID-19 might require staying home for up to 20 days after the occurrence of first symptoms.

Biden, who has strongly criticized Trump’s handling of the pandemic, is crushing the Republican in national polls, though that resulted in narrower in some of the swing states that may be crucial for the election’s result.

“Virtual rally”

White House physician Sean Conley stated in a memo rolled out on Thursday that Trump had finished his course of therapy for COVID-19, remained stable since returning home from the hospital, and could continue public engagements on Saturday.

Sounding a bit hoarse and occasionally pausing and clearing his throat, Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview late on Thursday that he was likely to be tested for the virus on Friday. The White House has refused to say when Trump last tested negative.

“I feel so good,” Trump said.

Trump might appear on conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s radio program on Friday for hosting a “virtual rally.”

White House Filled with COVID-19!

The Trump and Biden campaigns bickered on Thursday over a televised debate that had been scheduled for next week. Trump backed off after the nonpartisan commission in charge said the October 15 event would be held virtually with the candidates in separate locations citing to the health and safety concerns after Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Biden’s campaign arranged a town hall-style event in Philadelphia instead.

Trump’s White House and campaign have witnessed an outbreak of the virus in the last week, with multiple top aides, consisting of the president’s press secretary and campaign manager, testing positive.

Trump and his staff have largely shunned wearing masks, acting against the guidance of health professionals, and arranged rallies with thousands of people in indoor and outdoor venues despite recommendations against having events with big crowds.

Trump’s health will be monitored closely even if he starts holding events again.

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