Zoom Plans to Hire 500 Engineers to Expand its Workforce

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Zoom), an American tech company specializes in video-call and online chat service, announced plans that it would be recruiting new 500 software engineers for research and development (R&D) over the next two years. The company is looking out for new employees located in Phoenix and Pittsburgh, as part of expanding its engineering workforce by about 60%.

Hiring New Employees

The California-based videoconferencing company reported a heavy surge in the use of the online chat service since the coronavirus pandemic forced to shut business operations and most of the employees had to work from home. With an unexpected surge of the user both the companies and employees of the video call during the lockdown, Zoom reported last month that it has witnessed a jump of the user to about 300 million daily meeting participants, up from 10 million in December.

However, the company was accused since the sudden crush of traffic led to privacy and security issues that caused Zoom to pause new feature development for 90 days to address the concerns. Meanwhile, Zoom entered a partnership with a cloud computing service provider, Oracle Corp (Oracle) to support the videoconferencing company by providing additional cloud service for the heavy traffic volume.

Currently, Zoom’s engineering workforce is mostly divided between its San Jose headquarters and China; thereby, it is facing a shortage of employees. The Chief Financial Officer of Zoom, Kelly Steckelberg told reporters that the company was looking for offices near Arizona State University and Carnegie Mellon University to lure engineering talents coming out of the schools.

New Employees for Long-Term

Steckelberg said the company would soon start hiring new employees and the new employees would be working from until at least September when the virus pandemic is expected to get subsided or things around the pandemic get better.

Zoom reported that it acquired an encryption firm, Keybase last week and almost two dozen engineers who previously worked at the encryption firm joined the videoconferencing company and have provided an “immediate impact” on the company’s security work. Zoom declared that the company was roughly halfway through its 90-day plan to improve its privacy and security.

Referring to the nature of the new employees, Steckelberg clarified that the hires in Arizona and Pennsylvania would be for “longer-term capabilities” rather than the immediate work for the plan.

She explained that the new locations of its office would also give Zoom the ability to hire engineers hesitant to move to Silicon Valley due to its high living costs while adding that “Today, most of our U.S.-based engineering staff is in San Jose, so this will be a really great opportunity to extend our talent base across the US.”

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