US Wireless Firms and Internet Providers Agreed to Extend Voluntary Measures until June End

Some major American wireless firms and internet providers declared on Monday, April 27, 2020, to extend their voluntary commitments such as avoiding the cancelation of service or charge against late fees to customers who have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. These companies had agreed to extend their offers, which was set to get expired in Mid-May, to customers until the end of June.

Voluntary Measures of US Companies

Last month, the US wireless regulatory authority, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had urged major wireless and internet providers including Verizon Communications (Verizon), Comcast, AT&T Inc. (AT&T), T-Mobile US Inc. (T-Mobile), and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Fiber, to commit voluntary services for the customers. Accordingly, they had agreed not to terminate service for subscribers for 60 days without any extra charge and more than 700 companies have now agreed to the voluntary measures.

On Monday, four companies namely Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and T-Mobile had agreed to extend its commitment more till the end of June. Last week, a group of 24 state attorneys general urged companies to extend the voluntary commitments until Aug. 11.

Cox Communications and Comcast announced separately that they have decided to extend their voluntary measures till the end of June while keeping their Wi-Fi hotspots available for anyone who needs them, it would extend a pause in its data plans to give all customers unlimited data for no additional charge. Meanwhile, US Cellular announced that it would extend through July 31 offering some customers with extra hotspot data and eliminating data limits on high-speed internet plans.

FCC’s Plans for Remote Learning

The FCC had declined to comment on the issue but expressed about new initiatives for children’s education on Monday. The authority stated that it was working with the Education Department to promote remote learning by utilizing the recently approved funds of $16 billion including more than $13 billion in grants were reserved for elementary and secondary schools for the purposes of remote learning.

Sources said other major US internet companies would soon announce their commitments this week in keeping the view to help those school children who were forced to stay at home due to the closure of school across the country prompted by the virus outbreak. Currently, more than 50 million American children remain at home and most of them are attending school virtually.

Besides that, the voluntary measures of internet firms could help tens of millions of Americans who were forced to work from home due to virus restrictions. However, wireless firms have instructed earlier that consumers must notify the providers about their conditions of inability to pay due to the virus impact to avail of the services without paying extra fees.

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