Ford and General Electric Making 50,000 Ventilators in 100 days to Treat Coronavirus Patients

On Monday, March 31, 2020, Ford Motor Co. (Ford) said that it would start manufacturing 50,000 ventilators over the next 100 days at a plant in Michigan in cooperation with General Electric’s (GE) healthcare unit to treat coronavirus infected patients. Following that, the company will work together with GE to build 30,000 ventilators per month and supply them to the hospitals which have less such facilities in the treatment of the virus contracted patients.

Ford and GE’s Production of Ventilators

The US-based automobile company, Ford explained that the simplified ventilator design would help in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and reduce the needs of air pressure based on electricity. The design was licensed by GE Healthcare from Florida-based Airon Corp. (Airon) and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The US President, Donald Trump stated on Friday that he would perhaps use his powers under the Defense Production Act to order several companies including Ford and General Motors Co. (GM), to produce ventilators. The decision of the Trump administration was announced as several officials in various states had pleaded the White House to direct manufacturers to convene the production of ventilators for the patients.

According to Sources, two patients are sharing one ventilator in various hospitals in New York and patients had been facing the problems of breathing due to congested ventilators. Similarly, Louisiana officials described that New Orleans had no enough ventilators for the COVID-19 patients.

Separately, GE and Ford engineers have been working together to produce a different type of GE ventilators at the plant in Madison, Wisconsin. Tom Westrick, GE Healthcare’s vice president for quality, said during a call with reporters on Monday, the company aimed at increasing ventilators production to double from the Wisconsin plant during the second quarter.

Prepared for Future Peak Hit

Following the promise of a large arrangement of ventilators from various companies, the head of the United Auto Workers (UAW) and other officials expressed that the collective efforts of the auto industry for making ventilators were similar to Detroit’s conversion to bomber production during the World War II.

Moreover, Ford declared that it would be deploying 500 UAW employees to produce more ventilators at a plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan from the last week of April. Analysts claimed the COVID-19 cases in New York are expected to get worse in the month of April and Ford’s production would be prepared for its worst impact. Meanwhile, Ford officials said that the Ypsilanti workers would be working at a safe distance and conducted tests for the virus before they enter the plant.

Adrian Price, the Director of global manufacturing core engineering for Ford, stated, “We’re using and deploying a whole host of technologies to keep workers safe.” Price added, the company would comply with the safety measures as laid down by the authorities and the UAW.

Apart from the efforts of Ford and GE, GM announced on Sunday that it had taken up steps to produce nearly 10,000 ventilators a month by this summer at a plant in Kokomo, Indiana. These large arrangements of ventilators could be used in other parts of the US when the peak case of the virus infection emerges.

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