Italy Crosses 10,000 Coronavirus Death despite National Lockdown and Civil Unrest Likely on the Southern

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, Italy witnessed that the death toll of the coronavirus epidemic had passed 10,000 figures, which indicated that the viable option for the government to extend the imposition of national lockdown.

According to the official report of the government, an additional 889 people died in the previous 24 hours, the second-highest daily tally since the epidemic emerged on February 21, 2020, that made the total fatalities to 10,023.

With this alarming rate, some analysts expected that civil unrests are likely in the poorer areas of the Southern part of the country since a large section of them would be excluded from the access to basic needs or essential items.

Italy’s Tally

The confirmed cases of the virus infection in Italy rose by about 6,000 over the weekend that reached the total cases to 92,472 despite a national lockdown in the country. Italy is currently following after the US in terms of numbers of infected cases surpassing China where the virus outbreak was started from. Some analysts expressed that the numbers could be worse without a national lockdown.

Citing the figures and numbers of preventive means adopted by the government, the Civil Protection head, Angelo Borelli told media, “Without these measures, we would be seeing far worse numbers and our health service would be in a far more dramatic state. We would have been in an unsustainable situation.”

Italy, which has been facing troubles over five weeks due to the coronavirus cases, had started the introduction of severe restrictions on movement in hoping to ease the virus spread and announced a nationwide closure of markets and businesses till April 3.

However, with this high rate of the infection, Industry Minister Stefano Patuanelli told Italian broadcaster Rai, “There are elements that make us believe that all of the April 3 expirations of the provision will have to be postponed.” The Education Minister of Italy, Lucia Azzolina has already announced to shut schools and universities started from March 5, which is likely to extend beyond the previous deadline of April 3.

Civil Unrest and Social Tension in the Southern

Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte told a news conference about his government’s new economic policy that he had approved a social welfare package of 4.7 billion euros ($5.24 billion) for the people who were hit worst, including shopping vouchers and food packages.

Conte also has been pressurizing the European Union (EU) to initiate a rescue plan for the country and launch a “recovery bond” to extend financial assistance amid the threat of the virus outbreak. In an interview with a national media on Saturday, Conte explained a common debt instrument and reinvestment plan must be implemented by the EU for economic recovery.

Meanwhile, some politicians suggested that it was likely to witness a small scale of civil unrest and social tensions in the poorer areas of the southern region if the virus outbreak moves south. Minister Giuseppe Provenzano told La Repubblica newspaper on Saturday, “I am afraid that the worries that are affecting large sections of the population over health, income and the future, with the continuation of the crisis, will turn into anger and hatred.”

However, Michele Emiliano, the governor of the southern Puglia region, denied the possibility of such public unrest in the south but emphasized that the national lockdown must continue until mid-May.

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