Biden Uses a Home TV Studio to Regain His Lost Campaign Momentum

Joe Biden, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination race, has installed a TV studio in his basement over the weekend to continue his communication to people for his presidential campaign.

The momentum for Biden’s campaign, which was gained during the election campaign for Democratic nomination, got subsided as coronavirus outbreak in the US has put on halt several campaigns and citizens were concerning more about the virus crisis.

Using the TV studio, Biden is planning to raise his voice and pressurize the US president, Donald Trump, who is going to be the rival candidate for the Presidential election, to take strict actions to curb the contagious virus spread.

Biden’s Digital Strategy

The former US vice president, who is nearly wrapping up the Democratic nomination, has lost the momentum of his election campaign due to the postponing of state nomination elections and indefinitely halt of in-person meetings with workers and fundraisers. On Monday morning, Biden made a TV appearance and delivered his debut speech, but his speech was ignored and major cable news’ networks only broadcasted New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus briefing instead.

Meanwhile, the Republican’s only presidential candidate, Trump had significant advantages in terms of the digital footprint of his campaign since he often accessed the White House press media for his official statements and public briefing. Recently, Trump started using his daily briefing on the virus pandemic from the White House which drew the attention of the people.

The main challenge for the Biden campaign is that he needed to restore the momentum during his party’s nomination campaign by connecting voters and donors to put a strong-competitive image against Trump amid the national crisis of the virus spread.

Citing the declining momentum of Biden, the former Pennsylvania governor, and Democratic National Committee chairman, who supports Biden, Ed Rendell said, “That’s going to hurt… You’re not going to have high-dollar donor parties.”

Fundraising from Donors

Following the decisive winning through last Tuesday, Biden has expanded his lead over hid only competitor, a senator Bernie Sanders and hired a new campaign manager for the remaining campaign of the election. With the slow recovery in recent days, several videos of the Biden campaign including Monday’s speech were widely viewed online and widely circulated.

According to a source, Biden’s campaign has also started consulting fundraising experts to guide on how to raise money while people are locked in for indoors. A fundraiser and supporter of Biden explained, “We’re trying to figure out strategies and how you keep people engaged in the process without offending them… A lot of people are in shock” reflecting the present scenario of the virus impact on Americans.

Democratic supporters have increased their donations to Biden over the recent weeks as he was very close to winning the party’s nomination race and since Friday he has phoned or teleconferenced into three events with donors.  Biden told donors during a call on Sunday, “You’re going to be seeing a lot more of me on television and on – excuse me, teleconferencing – as well as online.”

Referring to Biden’s move on increasing his digital footprints and his attempts to reach supporters as well as donors, a Biden supporter, and former Paramount Pictures boss, Sherry Lansing exclaimed, “When he (Biden) shook their hands, he had something personal to say to them whether he knew them or not… There’s nothing that can replace face-to-face human contact.”

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