Global Savings Group acquires iGraal; a French cashback company

The e-commerce content company, Germany’s Global Savings Group (GSG), has managed to acquire a French cashback company iGraal for €123.5 million ($132.17 M) through a mixture of cash and stock.

Insight about the Deal

Precisely, the deal was reached with iGraal’s majority owner M6 Group, and consists of €35 million in cash and the remaining amount was made up of an exchange of shares. The acquisition is considered to be one of the biggest in the cashback and loyalty space in recent years, with iGraal said to be the leading digital cashback player in France.

“In 2019, GSG and iGraal jointly saw more than six million members using its loyalty tools and connected advertisers to around 400 million consumers,” says GSG. “The deal makes GSG the largest rewards, savings and shopping content platform in Europe.”

Because of the acquisition, GSG which is Munich-based is saying that it is expecting to have over half a billion shopping-related touchpoints and to assist more than 40 million transactions to its merchant partners in 2020. 

GSG also bought Pouch

It is also talking up the data it has access too, explaining that the additional user interactions offer GSG with valuable fresh insights into the shopping behavior of millions of consumers worldwide and will enable it to develop an “even smarter” advertising platform for its partners.

In combination, iGraal and GSG say the two companies are planning to expand their cashback and loyalty solutions into new markets in Europe and significantly amplify its member base and reach. Regardless of strong investments and market expansion, GSG is expecting to remain profitable also in 2020, adds the company.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of iGraal happened after GSG bought Pouch in January 2019, which is the U.K.-based money-saving browser extension. This saw the Pouch team join GSG, and Pouch founders Ben Corrigan, Jonny Plein, and Vikram Simha becoming Pouch “Global Product Leads” at GSG.

Rolled out publicly in September 2016, Pouch is best known for its shopping tool that automatically alarms buyers to working voucher codes as they go through over 3,000 U.K. e-commerce sites. The Pouch browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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