Trump touted Google’s website for Coronavirus: opens for two California counties

Verily, a sister company of Google rolled out a website late on Sunday that calls adults in northern California to provide answers to questions about their recent health and travel that could result in their getting a free coronavirus test.

Trump thanked Google

U.S. President Donald Trump had acknowledged and thanked Google on Friday for making a website that he said would help people find out whether they required a coronavirus test. Verily, a company dedicated to health care technology and owned by Alphabet Inc, explained it worked with few of the employees at fellow Alphabet unit Google, to make the new website.

According to the website, Verily is working “with the California governor’s office to direct high-risk individuals to newly-launched testing centers in San Mateo and Santa Clara” counties, sometimes by contacting those users directly to set testing appointments.

People having symptoms of the flu-like virus are meant to look for medical care, rather than a test through Verily’s system, according to the company. Verily did not respond to request for comment on user activity on the website in its first few hours.

Your Data is safe!

Over 162,000 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus and more than 6,000 people have lost their lives from the disease it causes, COVID-19.

Verily claimed, that survey responses of people would be kept in an encrypted Google database, access to which is restrained and monitored.

The data would be shared and provided to healthcare authorities however would never be “joined with your data stored in Google products without your explicit permission,” Verily said.

Also, Verily stated user-submitted data would be utilized for research purposes only with permission, though it may ask for that permission in the future.

Making a Google account compulsory to use the website resulted in little criticism on social media. Ryan Seys, Verily engineer responded to one of the critical posts by posting on Twitter that “we’re trying to make a real impact out here in this time of crisis.”

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