Coronavirus Spread Slowdown in the Epicenter and Reopening of Factories in China

China witnessed a rapid slowdown of the coronavirus infected cases in the epicenter for the first time since its inception in December last year and several factories started reopening its production units.

The latest development was a result of strict preventive measures imposed by the Chinese local authorities against the movement of people, including the virtual lockdown of Wuhan, a city of 11 million people. With this new trend, the local authorities have cautiously made the containment measures ease and opened its markets.

Virus Cases in China

The widespread Covid-19 disease has caused over 121,000 people infected in as many as 118 countries and has taken more than 4,300 lives, according to a Reuters tally. While the virus is gradually spreading across the globe, the number of infected cases in China has slowed remarkably over the past week.

The Chinese National Health Commission said on Thursday, March 12, 2020, that the epicenter of the virus pandemic, the capital of Hubei, Wuhan had only eight new coronavirus infections on Wednesday which was a record low in a daily tally. The single-digit infected cases of the virus were also happened outside of Hubei, mainland China as it had only seven new cases in which six cases were transmitted from other provinces.

On Wednesday, overall 15 new confirmed cases were reported in mainland China as compared to 24 cases a day before. Adding the cases of Wednesday, a source reported, the total number of confirmed cases recorded in mainland China has reached to 80,793 with 62,793 people or nearly 80% of the overall infections discharged from hospital due to recovery. Till the end of Wednesday, the death toll in mainland China reached to 3,169 with Hubei accounted for 10 of the new deaths, including seven in Wuhan.

Reopening of Factories

With the current trend of slowing down the virus pandemic, China witnessed a large reopening of its markets and several factories, which was shut down over the months due to Government’s containment policies of the virus outbreak, have started their productions. As a result, factory activity in China was completely disturbed and dropped to its lowest record in February.

Despite the resume of the Chinese industrial production over the recent weeks, some analysts expected that the normalcy of the business markets in the country could only return till April. On the same notes, a Chinese national newspaper, the People’s Daily, also warned that the situations would remain volatile and exposed to risks of further escalation despite the current trend of slowing down new virus cases.

The official at China Daily said in an editorial page, “Local governments must do their utmost to ensure people return to work as soon as possible since many businesses are still facing labor shortages and supply-chain disruptions.”

The newspaper added, “The epidemic control measures have put an enormous strain on China’s enterprises, especially the small and medium-sized ones in the service sector… Any further delay in their return to normal operations will entail widespread bankruptcies and job losses, which will threaten social stability.”

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