Fashion Designers Get Nostalgic about Their Major Break

For fashion designers, it is a big deal to get an opportunity in which some top celebrities choose to wear their designed costumes. In every world’s events, international media focuses on the dressing sense of the celebrities and various analysts would talk about their designers. Once a celebrity becomes a focal point of the event, it would be the designer who gets credit for the celebrity’s costumes and would be exposed to the media.

Big Breaks in history

This kind of big break for Badgley Mischka almost did not occur following the brand’s designers spent their savings on a peach lace gown that was worn by Winona Ryder at the Academy Awards in 1996.

“It was a white lace dress the night before the Oscars and she wanted it to be blush colored. So, James and I had to dip-dye it in the kitchen sink,” Mark Badgley said, recalling the drama with partner James Mischka. The dress shrank by six inches, pressurizing the designers to come up with a creative solution.

“We bought a first-class ticket to Los Angeles, first-class for the gown, and we tied 22 Campbell’s soup cans around the hem. And by the time it got to L.A. that night it had stretched out and she wore it. It was beautiful on her,” Badgley said.

LaQuan Smith lovingly recalled how the iconic singer Lady Gaga transformed the trajectory of his brand in 2010 by wearing his racy 3-D mesh leggings.

“Then Rihanna one month later pops up in the catsuit in the ‘Rude Boy’ video,” he said of his gold lame design. “And it was just like (a) domino effect.”

Tadashi Shoji, Japanese designer became a common household name after actress Octavia Spencer won her 2013 Oscar wearing one of his gowns along with Michelle Obama who wore several of his items while being in the White House.

“I’m an immigrant from Japan and American First Lady is wearing my dress. It’s kind of a dream,” he said.

‘Game changers’

Obama was also a ‘game-changer’ in 2012 for the creative director of Caroline Herrera: Wes Gordon, who said it, was “so, so exciting and incredible and surreal.” 

Naeem Khan a disciple of legendary designer Halston in the late 1970s, working with some of the biggest stars of Hollywood including Liza Minnelli when he was just 18. “She was my first ever glamour experience,” Khan said.

Princess Diana was the first celebrity patron of Irish designer, Paul Costelloe. She wore his designs from 1982 until she died in 1997. “She was a wonderful ambassador for the brand,” he expressed, recalling the days trying garments on her in Kensington Palace.

Princess Caroline of Monaco supported launching the career of shoe designer Christian Louboutin by stepping into his first store in November 1991.

“I used to call her my second fairy, because … she had a huge impact,” he said.

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