Cioplenu, a startup that develops OS for the production floor, raises €4.2M seed

Cioplenu, a startup based in Augsburg that is developing what it calls an “operating system” for the production floor, has managed to raise €4.2M ($4.64M) in a seed funding round. Cherry Ventures based in Berlin led the round, and Munich’s 42Cap, which led the pre-seed round of Cioplenu in 2018, joined three pretty high-profile angels in the round.

About the Seed round

The three angels consisted of Fabian Heinrich, co-founder of Scoutbee (which right now declared a $60 million Series B), Christian Heinrich, professor and founder for digital transformation, and Moritz Zimmermann, co-founder of Hybris (which exited to SAP for $1.5 billion in 2013).

Named as a SaaS for “deskless” workers, Cioplenu focuses on the concept to digitize an array of production floor processes such as assembly, maintenance, on-boarding, and inspection. The software works on any device and can link to an existing IT infrastructure utilized by production companies. It is already being utilized in more than 10 countries by big corporates like Bosch, Stabilo, and Hirschvogel.

“If you walk into a typical industrial company today you will find 10 meters of cabinets full of folders with paper protocols, documents, instructions, etc.,” explains Benjamin Brockmann who is CEO co-founder of Cioplenu.

“Most maintenance and inspection are not done digitally today and assembly instructions are simply printed out. Finding or sharing documents is a nightmare and there is also no real-time communication or any kind of analytics, which creates a huge blindspot for companies.”

To help find a solution for this, Brockmann says Cioplenu is developing an instinctive “operating system” for the production floor that performs all-in-one platforms for maintenance, inspection, work assembly, and other processes.

Cioplenu offerings

“We provide an easy editor with which multimedia documents, protocols, and questionnaires can be created as well as an operator software for the deskless worker that works on any device,” he explains. “Our easy ERP integration allows [production companies] to pull in and organize data quickly, while our analytics platform helps companies to optimize their processes. Sounds easy, but to make it enterprise-ready, we also built in many other features, like, for example, complex access rights management.”

Customers of Cioplenu are described as enterprises and SMBs and in the industrial market, such as Bosch or Stabilo, while the user base of the company spans across different departments and organizational levels.

For example, a quality manager might utilize the software for documentation by finishing the respective protocol checklists digitally while walking across the production floor with a tablet.

“When something is broken, she can snap a photo, annotate it and log it. When she wants to share her protocol with her foreign co-worker, she can send it in a click and it gets automatically translated,” says Cioplenu.

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