Israel-Gaza ceasefire comes into play, following two-day Heat up

On Tuesday, a ceasefire negotiated by Egypt and the United Nations took hold of the Israel-Gaza border after two days of battle between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

“Reciprocal and simultaneous ceasefire”

Since Sunday Islamic Jihad had launched 80 rockets towards Israeli communities situated along the border of Gaza, according to an Israeli military spokeswoman, while Israel attacked sites in Gaza and Syria that killed three members of the militant group. There were no reports of casualties on the Israeli side of the frontier and most of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile system of Israel.

The violence occurred a week before an Israeli election in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is searching for a fifth term in office after two inconclusive votes.

On Tuesday, The frontier fell quiet early after a Palestinian official stated that Israel and Islamic Jihad had arrived at a “reciprocal and simultaneous ceasefire” interceded by the United Nations and Egypt.

“This round is over and Palestinian resistance promised its people that every act of aggression by the Zionist occupation would be met by a reaction from the resistance,” a senior Islamic Jihad official, Khader Habib, told Reuters.

The killing of Jihad member

According to the Israeli military, it reopened the roads near the Gaza border on Tuesday that it had shut down when the clash erupted and that train services would resume in the area.

However considering, security concerns the military kept Israel’s border crossings with Gaza closed, with an exception for humanitarian causes, and banned Palestinian fishermen from heading to sea.

The violence exploded on Sunday when Israeli troops killed an Islamic Jihad member who the military claimed was trying to plant explosives near Israel’s border fence with the Gaza Strip.

The video that was widely shared on social media displayed what seemed to be a lifeless body of the militant hanging from an Israeli military bulldozer as it removed the corpse.

The images created an uproar in Gaza, prompting calls for retaliation that were followed by rockets launched by Islamic Jihad.

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