Twitter acquires Chroma Labs: a Stories template maker

Is Twitter also adapting the “stories” platform? Or we are just going to get tools to send beautiful tweets? Well, now Twitter has acquired both the talents as its just acquired Chroma Labs. Co-founded by John Barnett, Instagram Boomerang inventor, Chroma Labs’ Chroma Stories app enables you to fill in attractive layout templates and frames for posting collages and more to Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and more.

Employees of Chroma Labs are welcomed aboard

Rather than holding Chroma Stories around, Twitter is going to divide the Chroma Labs squad up to work on its product, design and engineering teams. The Chroma Stories iPhone app is not going to be shut down; however, it won’t be getting further updates and will only operate until there’s some breaking change to iOS.

“When we founded Chroma Labs in 2018, we set out to build a company to inspire creativity and help people tell their visual stories. During the past year, we’ve enabled creators and businesses around the world to create millions of stories with the Chroma Stories app” the Chroma Labs team writes on its site. “We’re proud of this work, and look forward to continuing our mission at a larger scale – with one of the most important services in the world.”

TechCrunch reported that Twitter affirms this is an acquisition, not just an acquihire of the team as it seemed at the beginning, though Chroma Stories is going to shut down. It declined to reveal the conditions of the acquisition; however, it stated that all seven employees of Chroma Labs are going to come aboard. The team is going to work in the Conversations division at Twitter, and the deal is meant to amplify its leadership, talent, and expertise for serving public discussions. A Twitter spokesperson also confirmed that Chroma is going to shut down its business and future versions of the app will not be available.

Making Twitter appealing to teens

Founded in late 2018, Chroma Labs had managed to raise a seed round in early 2019 and had Index Ventures, Sweet Capital, and Combine VC as its investors. CTO Alex Li was among Barnett’s fellow co-founders. Li was an engineering manager on Instagram Stories Facebook Photos and; and Joshua Harris played the role of product design manager on the Oculus Rift and Facebook’s augmented reality filters.

Using Chroma Stories, anyone could select between retro filters, holiday-themed frames, and snazzy collage templates to make their Story look special amidst the millions posted each day. Sensor Tower approximates that Chroma Stories had 37,000 downloads to date. That mild reception despite the app’s quality might explain why the team is joining Twitter.

By catching up with some of the most intelligent talents in visual storytelling, Twitter could provide its text-focused app some edge and spice. It belongs to one of the few social apps without a Stories product already, and there are only a few creative tools associated with the app. Improved methods to layout photos in tweets could make Twitter more beautiful and less exhausting to sift through. This move might make it more engaging for teens and help it bolster its user count, which now is less than  Snapchat.

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