Google’s Gboard rolls out Emoji Kitchen: a tool to mix up Emoticons!

Everyone at some point in their lives must’ve felt like there just weren’t enough options when it comes to expressing their emotions via an emoji. The latest inclusion to Google’s Gboard keyboard aims to help those kinds of people. Gboard for Android is rolling out a new feature called “Emoji Kitchen” that enables users to mix up different emoji and then use them as stickers while messaging.

Now Mix and Mash Emojis!

The stickers are going to work with apps, such as Gmail, Messenger, Messages by Google, Snapchat, Telegram, WhatsApp, and others.

For instance, you could add glasses and shades to the different smiley emoji, make a ghost emoji wear a cowboy hat, make a crying robot, put a monkey face on a cactus (maybe!!), make the happy poop emoji express love with a heart and so on.

It is noteworthy that, you can’t just mix up any of the thousands available emoji with any other one. It only works with the emojis that Google supports, which are mostly variations on the smileys. That’s because the mashup does not happen in real-time through some sort of AI system. Instead, designers from Google have crafted this set of mashups specifically for Gboard.

To try out the option, firstly you have to tap on any smiley emoji and Emoji Kitchen is going to offer you the available mashups options.

From a long time, Google’s Gboard has been an experimental field for testing out new ideas in self-expression, including with releases such as its set of personalized emoji, named Emoji Minis, as well as with features such as Morse code input, doodling, emoji suggestions and GIFs, and others in the past years.

Aiming to make Gboard a default keyboard

The app has been very popular among Android users and has been well-received by them. Due to which, still being an old app it is included in the list of top 50 app in the Tools category and has over a billion downloads worldwide to date. Now, it is also the default keyboard on some Android devices, such as Google’s Pixel smartphones.

However, Google’s bigger goal with Gboard is to craft it irresistible enough for users to keep it installed, providing the company a pathway to bring Google’s offerings, such as Search, directly to the end-user. This is of more importance than ever before because we are living in a time where mobile search has become larger than desktop. Unfortunately for Google, mobile search has been very expensive, as the company now has to depend on deals with mobile device manufacturers, such as Apple, to make its search engine as the default one.

Gboard provides Google another way to protect its bets, by avoiding the requirement to use a browser app to get to Google. Users can make the use of their keyboard to access the search engine.

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