Feds alleges Huawei sneak into Mobile Networks

A new report by The Wall Street Journal has surfaced, according to which US officials are claiming that Huawei keeps backdoors and secret passages into telecom networks across the world.

Series of Sanctions

The news has risen after years of rising sanctions against the company including an order of last year which was of an executive-level that prohibited US companies from licensing tech to Huawei. However, the justifications regarding those sanctions have continued to be vague and clouded by secrecy. Now, officials are becoming very specific, alleging that the Chinese hardware manufacturer has maintained backdoors into a few of the networks it creates, starting as early as 4G equipment sold in 2009. There’s also no valid proof of the allegation, however, the claims are more specific than ever, and now starting from some of the top national security officials of the nation.

“We have evidence that Huawei has the capability secretly to access sensitive and personal information in systems it maintains and sells around the world,” national security adviser Robert O’Brien said to the Journal.

There’s no specific implication of whether this capability has actually ever been used, although officials did tell the Journal that telecom companies buying and using Huawei equipment are unaware of the level of access that Huawei can achieve.

Huawei is denying the claims

The Verge reported that Andy Purdy who is Huawei security chief denied the allegations. “We vigorously deny the allegation that we retain any such capability,” Purdy said. “We also deny that we have ever improperly accessed customer information or customer data.”

The latest US statements have surfaced after a sudden decision from the United Kingdom to permit Huawei to supply non-core equipment to networks of the country. The US had lobbied heavily against the inclusion of Huawei in the run-up to 5G; however, at last, it was unable to convince the country to completely exclude the vendor.

It’s still not clear how other countries are going to respond to the accusations; however, Huawei is saying that the new claims are not surprising at all, considering the last year of rising pressure.

“The US is committed to this, and I think it’s really prompted by the geopolitical situation between China and the US,” Purdy said to The Verge. “The US is unwilling to consider the facts and the evidence, and they’re going to do whatever they can to block our ability to provide products to communication networks around the world.”

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