Intel Offering Best Facilities on Smart Building in Israel to Attract Tech Talent

With the lack of a talented workforce in Israel, several vacancies in tech companies in the country are still unable to fill up since 2018. Keeping the scarcity of workforce in the country, Intel Corp. (Intel), a leading American technology company, is offering the best facilities for its employees in ‘smart buildings’ full of perks and increasing wages to retain the existing employees.

Intel’s Strategy to Retain the Employees

Keeping in a view to make its employees access to maximum work facilities, the tech company which has one of the biggest employers in Israel, Intel announced in 2019 that it would invest $11 billion to build a manufacturing facility in the country.

The country, which is home for many startups, is currently facing a shortage of talented people for the tech industry. Many multinational giants including Intel, Apple, and Google have entered partnerships with several startups and set up research centers to attract skilled workers.

According to Start-Up National Central, a nonprofit research organization, as many as 17,000 positions in tech companies in Israel remained vacant in 2018 and the figure continued climbing up. As part of a strategy to retain its customers, Intel introduced several measures including environmentally friendly ambiance, a smart gym, and massage parlor besides increasing wages of the employees at its new development center in the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva.

Referring to the Intel’s strategy, the CEO of California-based Shepherd Search Group, David Gantshar asserted, “Anything you offer as a perk, whether it’s a gym membership or a paperless work environment or additional days for maternity leave or a go-green policy, all of these things are going to help you.”  It was reported by a source that many other tech giants would be following the same strategy adopted by Intel concerning the shortage of talented workers.

Heavy Investment on Smart Buildings

Intel’s development center is a box-shaped ‘smart buildings’ that has 10-story installing 14,000 sensors that monitor motion, light, and air to make sure workers are comfortable. According to Intel officials, the 14,000 sensors would detect when someone enters a room and adjust the lighting or air conditioning. The officials added, equipment such as small soundproof rooms and noise-insulated armchairs installed near the windows for those who want secluded.

As an Israeli media reported, the center that provides accommodation up to 2,700 employees had incurred 650 million shekels ($188 million) cost for the construction. Calling the Intel’s building a “breakthrough,” architect Dagan Mochli, who designed the building, stated that many clients demanded similar building structures. The architect added that a new development center for Intel with a similar structure would be constructed in the northern city of Haifa, Israel that will also be smart and LEED Platinum.

However, some employees anonymously complained about the lack of privacy working in the building. Citing the tracking and collection of data as an opt-in basis, Intel Israel’s CEO, Yaniv Garty stated, “We don’t ask people to clock in or clock out. We believe in a relationship that is based on output.”

Meanwhile, a hardware engineer who has been working at Intel for 16 years, Ido Melamed, who recently moved to the new building, claimed, “We see each other, we can talk more openly and collaborate more effectively.” Melamed added, “There is real trust between the company and employees that the data (collected) is used for the right purposes.”

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