Google Assistant will help find your lost Stuff!

Today, Google Assistant is going to roll out support for Tile’s Bluetooth tracker, crafted to help you find and keep up with your often misplaced items such as your purse, keys, wallet, remote and more. The new integration is going to enable Google Assistant users on any Nest device to ask questions like, “Hey Google, where is my wallet?” They can command the Assistant to ring their device” by saying lines like “Hey Google, make my backpack ring.”

Find your things using a simple command!

They can also vary the way of these commands, such as, “Hey Google, find my remote” or “Hey Google, ring my remote”

In addition to these features, you can directly ask for the location of an item. For example, if the item is in the house, the Assistant is going to return a pertinent location using Bluetooth capabilities of Tile, by saying something such as “your keys were last seen today at 9 PM near the Kitchen speaker.” Suppose, if the item is far beyond the Bluetooth range, the Assistant will instead provide the item’s last known location, based on the location services of Tile.

Tile leverages its wide network of Tile app users as a crowd-funding platform to support in a situation of a missing item. To date, the company has managed to sell more than 22 million Tile devices worldwide and is helping to locate more than 5 million items per day in 230 countries.

In September 2019, Google declared its partnership with Tile back; however, at that time it said that the feature would roll out later that year.

Competing with Apple

The partnership happened at a crucial time for Tile’s business. Reportedly, Apple is getting ready to release a Tile competitor, possibly named AirTags that combines deeply with iOS. As per the newest forecast from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, Apple in the first half of 2020 is going to introduce the product. However, unlike Tile, Apple has are ultra-wideband tags that promise improved accuracy than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE.

Evidence regarding Apple’s tags was already present in the iOS 13 code, as well.

Apple is planning to move into Tile’s business was one of the examples surfaced up in a recent congressional hearing about anti-competitive practices of the company. At the hearing, Kirsten Daru, Tile general counsel commented on how difficult it is to compete with Apple.

“You might be the best team in the league, but you’re playing against a team that owns the field, the ball, the stadium, and the entire league, and they can change the rules of the game at any time,” she said.

The current context infers that Tile’s move to shake hands with Google isn’t just about widening its business, but it’s also about saving it.

To take advantage of the new feature, you’ll need to set up your Tile to sync with the Google Home app.

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