Google Nest starts testing HVAC alerts, allies with Handy

Google’s Nest has begun testing the latest feature that is going to alert you to potential (Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning) HVAC issues and even enables you to book an HVAC professional to fix it, thanks to an alliance with Handy. The company states the HVAC alerts are only available in certain cities during the testing time. If you are in one of the supported markets, the latest HVAC alert email is going to have an additional link, which will redirect you to a website where you can book an appointment with a repair professional.

A Summary of Home Safety

Nest users have already been able to sign up to get a monthly email, the Nest Home Report, which provides a summary of their home’s safety events, energy use, Nest news and information about different Nest products, and few other things.

Starting today, users who had registered for these emails are going to be automatically enrolled to get the new HVAC alert emails, Google says.

Various events could start these HVAC alerts, however majorly it’s based on warning signs that your Nest detects, such as unexpected or unusual cooling and heating patterns.

For instance, if the thermostat detects it’s taking more time than usual to cool your home, that could generate a signal of a problem with your AC system. The alerts have not been designed to replace the requirement for regular HVAC maintenance or service pro expertise; however, instead, they are meant to serve as a warning system about a possible issue.

Nest will also consider the weather of your area before finding a possible problem, as something such as an overnight cold snap could force the thermostat to work more than usual.

The HVAC alert email will also include information about which system (heating or cooling) is experiencing the issue. A link regarding an optional survey about how you solved the problem, and what is the result is going to be included. This data may be used to support the system to get smarter and quicker over time, in terms of detecting issues.

You can opt-out from it anytime

Not all Nest alerts will deduce that there’s a requirement for a service repair professional to come out, of course. Sometimes the problem may be as simple as a household member leaving the door open, which lets hot air in, for example.

However, if you decide a service call is warranted, Nest will also enable its users to connect them to a local pro in their area. Of course, they can reach out to their original Nest installer (Settings –> Home info –> Nest Pro Installer).

However, in the test markets, Nest owners are going to get emails that will include a link to a website where you can appoint a qualified HVAC professional. This is achieved via Handy, which Nest has allied with on this latest effort.

At launch, the Handy booking option is going to be made available to Nest users living in 20 metro areas, including Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Denver, San Diego, and others. During the test, it is going to expand in many more regions. Currently, Handy supports a large number of cities present across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

If you don’t want to receive HVAC alerts, you can opt-out using a link in the email.

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