Twitter includes emoji reactions into DMs

Twitter is drizzling a bit of more fuel on the game of messaging fire. It has included a heart+ button to the interface of its direct messaging, which allows users to access a shortcut to a pop-up menu of seven different emoji reactions so they can promptly express how they’re feeling about a message.

Heart+ button

Emoji reactions can be included in media messages or text either through the heart+ button or by double-tapping on the message to pop-up the reaction menu.

Twitter released a teaser of the latest tweak prior to a knowing tweet about sliding into DMs that actually disclosed the full structure of reaction emojis — which, can be described as shocked/surprised, Crying lol, actually sad, heart, thumb-up, flame, and thumb-down.

So rather than a smiley face, Twitter users are being elbowed toward an integrated-message Twitter heart, in keeping with its abiding pick for a pleasure symbol.

The flame is perhaps a little bit surprising for a company that has publicly avowed the need to enhance the conversational interface of its platform.

Late but incremental move

Twitter is late to join this congenial party. Its rival platforms for messaging such as Apple iMessage and Facebook  Messenger have had emoji reactions for their messaging interface for years, whereas Twitter till now has believed in minimalism and chat-focused in its DM interface.

So some might point out that Twitter adding this emoji reaction menu to its messaging system can imply that it is trying to move closer to competitors like Facebook as a product. 

However, if that is so, this change can be considered as an incremental one.

For now, Twitter users always been able to react to a message by sending an emoji or combination of emoji they like, but as a standard reply. However, it’s a treat for the lazy thumbs out there as they have a shortcut to emote. 

An FAQ about the latest DM emoji reactions revealed that Twitter notes that emoting is going to (by default) deliver a notification to every conversation participants “any time a new reaction is added to a message.”

So, be careful and accordingly adjust your notification and DM settings!

However, you can only select one reaction per message. Each symbol is displayed under the message/media with a count next to it — to allow for group tallies to be totted up. 

Selecting another symbol will change out the previous one. This may lead to lots of notification spam. People who enjoy annoying other people could keep on changing their reaction to create an array of real-time emoji streaming game notification hell with folks they’ve been DMing. So there is another reason to lock down your Twitter settings.

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