Starbucks’ Goals for Sustainable Environment  

On Tuesday, January 22, 2020, Starbucks Corp. (Starbucks), the leading American coffee company and coffeehouse chain, set various goals to attain a sustainable environment in its operations. Besides the existing policy of banning plastic straw, the coffee chain has highlighted several other additional policies including cutting off carbon emissions, water conservation, and waste management.

Starbucks’ Eco-Friendly Policies  

The American coffee company has started setting its target of environment sustainability policies over some years and on Tuesday, the company announced its broad eco-friendly policies for the coming years. In 2018, the coffee-making company started banning the use of plastic straws and substituted it with a  reusable product as a part of its sustainability goals.

However, on many occasions in the past, Starbucks had failed to achieve its environmental targets. As Reuters noted, Starbucks could not fulfill its target to make 25% of its cups reusable by 2015 and later revised the target to serving 5% of sold beverages in personal, customer tumblers. At present, the customers who bring their personal cups avail a $.10 discount.

In those policies announced on Tuesday, Starbucks highlighted three main long-term policies for the proposed environmental objectives and forecasted to achieve these goals by 2030. As covered by TechCrunch, the three main objectives of the coffee chain were: reducing the emission of carbon in half in its all operations, preservation or replenishing half of the water used in coffee making, and implementing waste management by reducing the half of the waste produced by the company.

According to Starbucks’ CEO Kevin R. Johnson, in addition to this, Starbucks also plans to include more plant-based or veggie-based food items in a view to keep “migrating toward a more environmentally friendly menu.” The introduction of plant-based food items would attract several veggie-based customers who are looking for meatless fast-food.

Plans to Comprehensive Research Market

Many other competitors of coffee houses have also started launching several programs for sustainability. Recently, Oakland-based coffee chain, Blue Bottle Coffee implemented a zero waste pilot program through shifting to reusable cups in its operations at two locations.

Launching its extensive sustainable environment policies, Johnson wrote in a letter, “Recently, we worked with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Quantis to quantify the carbon, waste and water footprint of our operations and supply chain across the globe. This was the first time we had conducted this footprint assessment for all three of those areas, globally.” Making a promise to finalize the goals in 2021, Johnson noted in his letter, “Starbucks will conduct comprehensive market research and trials to better understand consumer behavior and incentives to encourage consumer use of reusable containers.” in this year.

Kate Melges, a US Plastics Campaigner at Greenpeace, appreciated the latest announcement of Starbucks and said, “While it’s a welcome development that Starbucks is revisiting its sustainability strategy, the company still has a lot to figure out as to how to make it happen as quickly as possible.”

However, Melges put several concerns, “When it comes to the climate crisis, increasing deforestation, water shortages, and mounting plastic pollution, we don’t have decades to wait for action. Companies like Starbucks needed to be shifting toward truly sustainable, circular practices yesterday. Starbucks’ new sustainability commitments are light on specifics. Without more detailed plans on how Starbucks will make this happen, it’s difficult to say the solutions Starbucks pursues will be taking us in the right direction.”

Johnson emphasized that Starbucks would commit its long-term promises “by prioritizing the right investments across our partners, customers, and planet in support of our ‘Growth at Scale’ agenda.” Claiming the latest company’s sustainable policies as a milestone, Johnson claimed, “we declare our concern for our planet’s future and commit to do more.”

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