2020 US Census Counting Will Flag Off From a Tiny Village of Alaska

The US Census Bureau, which is conducted once in a decade for head counting of Americans, will start on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, from a tiny village of Alaska, Toksook Bay. The census team including the bureau’s chief, Steven Dillingham had already visited the village and geared up to inaugurate the journey of counting the population. The journey which would be flagged off from the remote village of Toksook Bay is not simply aimed for the counting of the residents of the country but also meant for availing various government facilities and services.

Census Begins its Journey from Toksook Bay

The 2020 US Census will begin its journey of counting the American population on Tuesday in one of the most remote places of the country, a tiny rural village of Alaska on the Bering Sea coast. As part of the tradition, the Census Bureau would choose one or more remote native villages to begin the official recording of the population. For this latest census counting, Toksook Bay which has a total population of 683 would do the honor to inaugurate the endeavor.

The population tally would be officially convened with a ceremonial visit by the Census Bureau chief, Dillingham to a home of a tribal elder in Toksook Bay, a Yup’ik village about 500 miles west of Anchorage. Following the event, the census team will proceed the counting from all the other Toksook Bay residents in a day of fanfare decorated with ceremonial Yup’ik dance performances and a feast of traditional foods.

Dillingham and his team have already spent last some days in meeting with several native groups in Alaska and others among groups who were considered to be immigrants. Keeping in the view to facilitate easy responses for these remote communities, the bureau has got census materials that are translated into various indigenous languages including Yup’ik.

On Saturday night, Dillingham was reported participating in a ceremonial hockey game at the University of Alaska Anchorage and a special jersey was presented to him by the school to celebrate the 2020 census.

Data Used for Various Governmental Policies

Through this data, the government generally adopt certain measures and formulate policies for various social welfare programs and services. The census, which is a decennial endeavor mandated in the US Constitution, is also a means to use for political restructuring of the country such as redrawing state legislative districts and reapportionment of Congress. Referring to the excitement over the ceremonial function on Saturday, Dillingham exclaimed, “It’s the first time the word is really getting across the nation that the 2020 census is here.”

The information of 2020 census for the rest of the lower 48 states is likely to circulate to every household in mid-March this year and the record of the residents counting would be started from April 1, 2020. According to Reuters, most people would prefer to use online, by mail or by telephone for their family member’s information instead of filling census forms. The census had to start early in parts of rural Alaska as the transport and communications are restricted due to extreme weather conditions.

As Dillingham revealed, for the 2020 head counting of Americans, the bureau would be using employees from 300,000 to 500,000 for collecting the information and nearly 1.8 million people have applied for the temporary jobs for the census.

Dillingham appealed to the immigrants not to hesitate in responding to the census questionnaires as the census data collected by the bureau would remain confidential. Earlier, immigrants were worried as the Trump administration made an attempt to enclose a question about the citizenship status of the people in the 2020 census which was later rejected by the US Supreme Court.

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