Bernie Sanders Gaining Popularity Among Democratic Candidates   

Former Senator, Bernie Sanders has gained massive support from Americans representing the Democratic Party candidate for the 2020 US Presidential Election. Unlike the Republican Party, the opposition party has no clear leader, as of now, to represent a counterpart candidate who will fight against the incumbent President, Donald Trump in the coming election.

Sanders’ Equal Footing with Joe Biden

Following the national polls ended on Thursday, January 16, 2020, Sanders stood in the same footing with the leading democrats, Joe Biden in terms of public support for the coming election. Sanders, who was continuously lagged among the top candidates since the democrats’ campaign started since mid-December 2019, received unexpected turn of public support on Thursday.

According to the online poll released on Thursday, 20% of the registered Democrats and independents extended their support to Sanders over the other 11 candidates to run for the general election against President Donald Trump. The figure represented a 2 ‘percentage points’ increased for Sanders’ supports from a similar poll that was conducted last week. In this development, Reuters/Ipsos national poll stated, Sanders gained his popularity this year and was tied with former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination among registered voters.

According to the poll, Joe Biden who came next to Sanders got voters’ support of 19%, the leading woman-candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren received around 12%, who was followed by the former New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg getting 9% support, and the former mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg got the support of 6%. Sanders and Bloomberg surged the support of the public over the last three national polls while the support for Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg remained constant.

Challenges to Sanders and Factors of Women Voters

Sanders, once an independent candidate who had built a national network for his supporters for the nomination in the 2016 election, was among the top candidates for the Democrats’ campaign started since December 2019. However, he has been recently facing several challenges from his rivalries from the same party especially Warren’s attack over Sander’s views on women and politics.

Warren has previously accused Sanders alleging that he spoke in 2018, “a woman could not be elected president.” Sanders has been constantly attacked over the issue and the relationship between him and Warren turned out to be bitter lately. However, Sanders denied the claims.

The poll revealed that the issue over Warren’s allegation did not affect Sanders’ existing public support. As the poll showed, “Sanders’ and Warren’s support remains unchanged among women, with about 15% supporting Sanders and 11% supporting Warren.” Nevertheless, the key problem was that about one in five potential primary voters remained undecided.

Among those who voted also expressed that they might change their preference in later days. According to Reuters/Ipsos polling from December to January, it was observed that women were expected to change their minds about the preference of the candidates more than men.

According to Reuters, among those women who already chosen a candidate, nearly two out of three are likely to change their minds. The Reuters/Ipsos poll for Democratic Party that held from January 15-16, 2020 had the responses from 681 democrats and independents with 552 registered voters.

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