Sweden’s Gang-Led Bomb Blasts Surged in 2019

Over the last some years, Sweden has been facing a series of gang-led violence and witnessed a 60% increase in bomb blasts rate in 2019. A massive increase in drug-linked gang crimes has shocked the nation which was considered to be one of the safest places on the planet. The country’s police forces are struggling and the Swedish Government is likely to increase spending on police to fight such organized crimes.

257 Bomb Blasts As Compared to 162 Last Year

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (NCCP) released a statistic on Thursday, January 16, 2020, about the national crime rates related to gang-linked violence in the country. The statistics showed that the violence has increased to nearly 257 bomb attacks last year as compared to 162 such cases in the previous.

Sweden has seen the escalation of the shooting and using explosive elements from year by year despite the country’s policies have been actively deployed in many conflict-prone areas. In a separate incident in June 2019, 20 people were wounded when a bomb exploded in Linkoping in southern Sweden. Following the death of a 15-year-old boy in Malmo when a gunman opened fire on a pizza restaurant in November 2019, the Swedish Government had set up a special task force to fight violent crime.

Expressing the concern of increase violence attack, Stockholm University criminologist Sven Granath last year told about the emerging arms race of organized crime. Manne Gerell, Associate Professor in Criminology at Malmo University, also told last year, “If we accept this is the real rate of growth, it’s a lot and of course very serious.”

The gang-led violence has become a serious political situation as many organized groups have been rapidly involved in either shooting or using explosives. Granath earlier explained that using explosive devices was a result of Swedish police’s seizures of arms weapons and once these criminals learned how to use it, they never hesitated to use it more.

Steps to Increasing Police Presence

Leading to the massive escalation in terms of violence rates last year, the Government is likely to spend more on police to curb such threats. The Police have identified around 60 areas around the main cities of the countries where the people of these areas were badly affected due to high employment, low income, and drug-gang linked mafias ruled the areas.

Despite the increase in the police personnel who patrolled across the areas and caught several criminals from the streets, the Police shared the view that they could not solve the problems alone. Stefan Hector, the head of the task force, said in November 2019, “There is no silver bullet. There is no simple solution to complex problems.”

As the public pressure on Government increased, Ulf Kristersson, leader of the opposition Moderates said in the Expressen Daily this week, “I believe more and more citizens are asking whether the state can at all withstand the task of maintaining law and order, or whether the gang criminals have completely taken over,” Kristersson made the comment following an explosion on Sunday last week that destroyed residential buildings and several cars parked outside the colony.

The office of Prime Minister Stefan Lofven had declined to comment on the matter.

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