YouTube rolls out Profile Cards that show comment history of users

Last September, YouTube started testing a fresh feature called profile cards, which displayed a user’s comment history and public information on the present channel. The feature was showed off as a way for creators to more smoothly spot their biggest fans by providing simple access to their previous comments. Now, YouTube is rolling out the product for the general public on Android.

Building connections

YouTube wishes the latest feature is going to help users “explore comments, build connections with others, and contribute to a more welcoming YouTube overall,” the company said.

To use Profile cards, you’ll just have to click on the profile picture of anyone who has commented to see their card. Information such as profile photo, their name, subscriptions, subscriber counts, and new comments will emerge in a pop-up card. All of this information is available publicly on YouTube; however, the Profile card integrates it in a commonplace.

If someone has already subscribed to the commenter’s channel, the Profile card will show this; otherwise, that person can tap the red “Subscribe” link to start following the commenter on YouTube.

Just making things clear, the displayed comment history doesn’t include the user’s full YouTube comment history (if that was the case it would be interesting!). Instead, the Profile card only displays the comments on the particular channel someone is watching when they click to view the card.

A link to the commenter’s channel is also provided at the bottom of the card.

Spotting Trollers!

While YouTube has advertised the new feature as a method to link with community members and spot a channel’s best commenters, it could also be used for spotting ‘trollers’. Getting access to the commenter’s history on the channel can support creators or moderators to make an educated decision about whether future comments from the same users should be hidden, or if the user is credible enough to get a spot on the “approved users” list, for example.

The majority of the feedback was positive after the feature got launched. Especially, since some consider it as a way to help promote their own channel’s profile by becoming an active commenter. However, according to the latest feedbacks, a few users are asking for an opt-out option so that they can hide their comments, considering concerns about out-of-context remarks or privacy issues.

YouTube stated that the feature is now available on Android and is going to roll out on other devices in the future.

Profile cards are one of a few tweaks launching on YouTube. Also new are optional topics in the Subscriptions feed on iOS, which make it simpler for subscribers to filter their subscriptions by topics like “Today,” “Live,” “Unwatched,” “Continue Watching,” “Posts,” and more.










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