North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Warned to Use Offensive Measures

A question is being raised by international media whether the threat of North Korea’s leader using nuclear weapons will turn out to be true in near future. This year alone, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un had repeatedly warned that it would unleash its nuclear arsenals on several occasions.

Referring to the deadlock of the denuclearization talks between the US and North Korea, Kim told to KCNA, a state-owned media on Monday, December 30, 2019, that North Korea would use ‘positive and offensive measures’ to ensure country’s security.

Pressurize to Change US’ Stance on Denuclearization

On Monday, the weekend meeting was held under the leadership of Kim to discuss the country’s security issues and existing political pressure from several organizations including the UN. Concerning the rise of tension between the US and North Korea, Kim warned that he would start using Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs if the US declined to change its nuclear stance.

Since October 2019, Kim has been insisting that he would cancel all future talk with the US if Washington failed to fulfill the demands made by Pyongyang. Kim wanted the US to withdraw imposing sanction and antagonistic policies against North Korea.

Following the US’ denial of the demands, Kim already set the deadline for nuclear negotiations by the end of 2019 and warned that Washington must reconsider its position.  As per the CNBC report, North Korea may pursue taking up ‘new path’ if the US does not find a new approach for negotiation soon.  According to US military leaders, “The move could include the testing of a long-range missile, which North Korea has suspended since 2017, along with nuclear warhead tests.”

Kim also discussed the slowdown of North Korea’s economy in Monday’s meeting and blamed the US that the country’s economic problem was the result of the sanctions imposed by the US. As per the KCNA report, Kim claimed that the country’s economy was severely affected due to international sanctions over the country’s weapons programs. The report continued that Kim presented policies to handle the country’s economic situations by focusing on the development of the major industries.

Russia and China pressurizing the US to Reduce Sanction

Kim’s announcement of the possibility for using offensive measures poses a grave danger to international affairs. Following the announcement, Russia and China are trying to persuade Washington to reduce sanctions against North Korea. The White House national security adviser, Robert O’Brien said, “Washington would be ‘extraordinarily disappointed’ if North Korea tests a long-range or nuclear missile.” The US has asserted that it would take up necessary action if the test is conducted.

O’Brien further added that the news was a disappointment as the US hoped Kim would keep his promise on the denuclearization commitments as he made at previous summits with the US President, Donald Trump. In a meeting of the U.N. Security Council members in New York on Monday, Russia and China made a proposal to the US to ease sanctions on North Korea.

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