Ikea made a $46 Million Settlement for A Toddler’s Death

Ikea, a Swedish furniture retailer company, has agreed to pay $46 million as the company’s dresser fell over and killed a two-year-old toddler in 2017. Several similar cases had been reported against the company that led to the killing of many children in the US due to the lack of proper equipment and stability of the company’s products.

The Death of Jozef Dudek

The two-year-old toddler, Jozef Dudek, a resident of Buena Park, California, died in 2017 after a 32 kilogram of Ikeas’ dresser tipped over onto him in 2017. Joleen and Craig Dudek, the parents of the toddler sued the Swedish home furnishings company in a Philadelphia court in 2018.

The family’s lawyers, Alan M. Feldman said on Monday, January 6, 2020, that the company would pay $46 million to the infant’s parents. As reported by The New York Times (NYT) on Monday, despite the several similar cases had been reported earlier to the company, Ikea had never taken any substantive steps to avoid such incidents.

As Couple’s lawyer spoke to NYT, “The Dudek’s son, Jozef, died in 2017 from asphyxia caused by mechanical compression of the neck after the dresser fell onto him.”  In a statement released by the lawyer, the parents exclaimed, “We miss him so much and he would be turning 5 years old this April.”

The parents claimed in the statement, “We never thought that a 2-year-old could cause a dresser just 30-inches high to topple over and suffocate him. It was only later that we learned that this dresser was unstable by design and did not meet safety standards and that this had happened to other little boys.”

Following the settlement announcement, a spokesperson for Ikea told to the NYT, “While no settlement can alter the tragic events that brought us here, for the sake of the family and all involved, we’re grateful that this litigation has reached a resolution.” The spokesperson continued, “We remain committed to working proactively and collaboratively to address this very important home safety issue. Again, we offer our deepest condolences.”

Similar Reports Against Ikea  

It was reported by NYT that the Ikea president Javier Quiñones has agreed to meet the advocacy group, Parents Against Tip-Overs which was founded in 2018 by parents of young children who died in similar incidents. The parents’ group has been complaining to the company to implement proper safety measures.

Referring to the death of Jozef, Alan M. Feldman told the NYT, “If a 2-year-old can tip over a three-drawer dresser, you know there’s something wrong with that dresser. There’s millions and millions of them in American homes.” The USA Today also reported that six children have died before Jozef’s incident and 36 others were injured in the incidents related to Ikea’s furniture falling. The newspaper asserted, “but little Jozef was the first child to die after Ikea announced a recall of millions of dressers in 2016.”

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission Report in 2018, “a piece of furniture, TV or appliance tipping over causes an injury in the US every 17 minutes.” The parents of the toddler also told that they had not become aware of the recall until it was tragically too late.

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