Djokovic and Nadal Insisted for Combining the ATP Cup and Davis Cup

The top two tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal both insisted International Tennis bodies for combining the ATP Cup and Davis Cup Finals. The two top-ranking players considered that it was meaningless to play similar tournaments in the same year.

ATP Cup and Davis Cup 2020

The ATP Cup, one of the men’s tennis tournaments, is annually organized by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in which many players representing their countries will play in a knock-out format. The $15 million ATP Tour for 2020 is scheduled to start from Friday, January 3, 2020, and many 24 nations are participating in the tournament which will be held across three Australian cities in Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney over 10 days. This tournament is considered a preliminary platform for the top-ranking players to prepare for the Australian Open which will be held from 20 January-February 2 for the year, 2020.

International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) Davis Cup, which is partly sponsored by Rakuten, a Japanese electronics company, is a similar men’s tournament which is based on the competition among representatives of the countries. The 2020 World Group I and World Group II play-offs will be played in 36 cities around the world on 6-7 March.

For the 2020 ATP Tour, Six of the top seven men’s players except for Swiss star, Roger Federer have participated. Apart from Federer, some notable players who missed the tournaments included Britain’s Andy Murray and Japan’s Kei Nishikori due to injury. The last year Australian Open winner, Djokovic will play his ATP Cup debut for Serbia against South Africa in Brisbane on Saturday while Nadal leading the Spain team will play against Georgia in Perth on the same day.

Djokovic and Nadal’s Appealing to Both Organizers

Since both tournaments are similar, many have raised questions if the two competitions can co-exist in the future. The top-ranking player, Djokovic, who is the president of the ATP players’ council, told a news conference on Thursday, “We need to have one Super World Cup event, whatever you want to call it.”

Djokovic shared a view that the merger between the organizers of the tournaments was unlikely to happen soon. He further claimed, “If the two sides, the ITF and the ATP get together very quickly, it can happen possibly for 2022.” Concerning the existing problems of coinciding with two similar events in a calendar year, he stated, “I hope it will happen because it’s kind of hard to get top players to commit to playing both events. And it’s six weeks apart, so they’re not really helping each other in terms of marketing, in terms of the value of the event and so forth.”

Nadal, who won a fifth Davis Cup title for Spain team in November 2019, echoed the proposal made by his rival player, Djokovic. Citing that playing similar tournaments back-to-back was pointless, Nadal emphasized, “For me personally that’s not the ideal situation for our sport, but that’s how it works today and I’m very excited that we can change that in the future.”

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