Apple, Google, and Amazon Joint Venture for Effective Automation of Household Products

The three global giant companies, Apple Inc. (Apple), Alphabet Inc.’s Google (Google), and Inc. (Amazon), agreed to enter into a partnership to make their smart devices compatible with one another using various household products through Internet-connection.

According to MarketWatch, “The decision of their partnership was a crucial step for the significant growth of these companies as the global smart-home market is expected to grow to $174.2 billion by 2025 from $55.7 billion in 2016.”

To Make the Use of Automation Devices Easier

These three companies announced on December 18, 2019, that they plan to work together with the Zigbee Alliance (Zigbee), a tech company that provides smart electronic automation for various household products including home lights, curtains, and ACs.

Zigbee is known as the foundation for the Internet of Things, which provides a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical, and digital machines that can control objects and products electronically. Samsung Electronics Co., Somfy SA, and IKEA are some of the major companies that use the Zigbee’s applications.

The main idea behind the decision for the partnership among the three companies was to ensure the use of automated personal products more effectively and easily. The decision was crucial to increase the using voice-activated speakers or remote apps for household goods ranging from lights to gate entrance. The availability of compatible devices among the giants will make it easy to use smart electronic equipment and products.

NikSathe and Grant Erickson, engineers at Google’s Nest unit stated in a statement, “The lack of an industry-wide connectivity standard leaves people confused and frustrated when trying to understand what devices work with each smart home ecosystem.” Nevertheless, the engineers suggested, “It also places a heavy burden on manufacturers to make sure all devices are compatible with each other.

Existing Collaboration for Devices Compatibility

To some extent, Amazon and Google have started working together to build a compatible network of their systems. At present, both the companies are working with tens of thousands of third-party devices that allowed a link up with the smart speakers produced by these giants.  Apple has link-ups with hundreds of the other parties through its HomeKit agency.

One key concern for the partnership is the issue of the privacy and security of these companies. Amazon and Google, the two globally leading companies, have a huge collection of information. The logistics departments of both companies collect and store the information supplied by customers every time they buy their products. Combining the devices together for domestic use raises the question of how to handle personal data of the customers and the companies’ information which might be violating the privacy standards.

Earlier 2019, Google removed some of its third parties that connected Nest devices due to privacy concerns. Apple officials expressed an optimistic view that the partnership was built on the foundation of mutual cooperation and revolved around “a shared belief that smart home devices should be secure, reliable, and seamless to use.”

According to Bloomberg, earlier this year, “After lagging behind Amazon and Google, Apple is rebooting its smart home efforts, developing new software and devices from a new team.” The joint deal is likely to be finalized by the end of 2020.

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