The UK Held for Brexit Voting

The UK has been broiling over the Brexit issues over many years. Voting for Brexit was conducted today, December 12, 2019, to decide the issue. The result of the voting will decide if Britain will exit from the European Union (EU) or start afresh referendum about reversing the Brexit decision.

Boris Johnson and Brexit Issues

The previous decision for Brexit under the leadership of Theresa May failed as she lost support for the Brexit in the election. She resigned as her Brexit deal with the EU was defeated in the parliament, which was supposed to be delivered by October 31, 2019.

Boris Johnson replaced his predecessor under the promise of “Get Brexit Done”, as he claimed that the issue caused political turmoil and slowed the economic growth in the country. As promised in the election campaign, Johnson constantly asked the people in the UK to support the exit so that he can focus his policies on health, education, and the police.

As Johnson commented, “We could have a Conservative majority government which will get Brexit done and unleashes Britain’s potential. This election is our chance to end the gridlock but the result is on a knife-edge.”

Opinion Polls Suggestion

Most of the major opinion polls predicted that Johnson will win the election. According to the report of a poll, “Seven eve-of-election opinion polls published on Wednesday showed the Conservatives ahead of Labour by an average of nearly 10 points although Labour narrowed the gap in four of them.”

However, the poll’s opinion went wrong on several occasions, including the 2016 referendum outcome. The opposition leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, made his campaign of the election under the promise of the higher public budget, nationalization of basic services, higher taxes on the wealthy, and another referendum on Brexit.

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