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Democrats’ Two Articles of Impeachment against Trump

The opposition party, the Democrats, have decided to put forward two articles of impeachment against the Republican President, Donald Trump, in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

During the proceedings of the impeachment, which has set for possible voting this week, the Democrats will focus on two issues i.e. the abuse of the President’s power and the obstruction of Congress.

Democrats’ Strategy on Trump’s Impeachment

Democrats’ leaders met the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, regarding the impeachment inquiry on Monday and put forward several issues including Russia’s involvement in the 2016 Presidential elections, Ukraine issues, and national security concerns.

Pelosi’s office released a press release stating that the House Committee officials would begin a press conference on Tuesday morning to announce the next proceedings for the impeachment inquiry.

The opposition leaders started the call for impeachment against the incumbent President when the news has been circulated about Trump’s involvement in pressurizing Ukraine to snoop against the Presidential rival candidate, Joe Biden. Democrats criticized Trump for misusing his power and obstructing the Congress from investigating against his actions.

As Jerrold Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, argued, “Trump’s actions as a ‘clear and present danger’ to national security and the upcoming U.S. election.”Nadler continued, “The facts are clear. The danger to our democracy is clear and our duty is clear.”

Over this week, the Judiciary panel will vote to finalize the articles of impeachment and decide whether they are to be formally sent to the U.S. House of Representatives, which has a majority of Democrats. Once the House approves, the Senate, which has a majority of Republican would have to convene the impeachment proceeding against Trump.

Republican Calling the Impeachment a Hoax

Trump has been denying all allegations made by the Democrats and calling the impeachment was a hoax, as he claimed that so far he had done nothing wrong during his presidency. Republicans continued attacking Democrats saying that the opposition leaders were desperate to overthrow Trump from office without any substantive evidence against the charges.

According to Doug Collins, a member of the Judiciary panel and a fellow Republican, “They’re desperate to have an impeachment vote on this president besides there was no proof Trump improperly pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden.”

He shared that there was no official evidence against Trump’s charges of withholding $ 391 million of military aid or his meeting with the Ukrainians about Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Trump defended that the allegation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election was a ‘debunked theory’ and did have any real evidence supporting such claims.

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