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Four Accused of Raping the 25 years Old Vet Encountered

In an unprecedented turn of events, Hyderabad police today, December 6, 2019, have shot 4 accused who were the prime suspects for raping and killing a young female vet.

The four suspects namely Md. Arif, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen Kumar, and Chintakunta Chenna Keshavulu had been under the detention in a charge related to the heinous crime that happened on November 27, 2019.

Incident of November 27, 2019

A 27 years-old veterinary surgeon left home on her two-wheeler at around 18:00 local time (12:30 GMT) and parked her motorbike at the Shamshabad toll plaza.

From there, she hired a cab to Gachibowli for some appointments with a doctor. When she returned around 21:00 local time, she found that her bike had a flat tire and a lorry driver had offered to help.

Around 21: 22, she called her sister telling that she was scared of waiting near the plaza. Afterward, the family tried to reach out to her, her phone remained unreachable. The next day, the victim’s body was found under a culvert a few kilometers away from the plaza. The victim was raped and then her body was burnt.

Today’s Incident, December 6, 2019

The killing of the four accused has happened when these suspects were taken back to the place of the crime. According to a police source, “They tried to flee when they were taken to Chatanpally to reconstruct the crime scene.

They snatched weapons from police and fired on police; in retaliation, people fired the accused and killed them at the instant.” As per the source, “the exchange of fire took place between 5.45 am to 6.15 a.m. near the Chatanpally underpass.”

The police commissioner of the Hyderabad suburb of Cyberabad, VC Sajjanar stated, “Ten armed policemen took the four suspects who were not handcuffed to the scene of the crime to reconstruct the incident early on Friday.

The police were looking for the victim’s phone, power bank and watch which were reported missing.” He further narrated, “The four men got together and started to attack the officers with stones and sticks and also snatched away weapons from two officers and started firing.

Although the officers maintained restraint and asked them to surrender, they continued to fire and attack us. This went on for 15 minutes. We retaliated and four accused got killed.” As he reported, Two officers are admitted to the hospital due to head injuries.

Mixed Reactions of the Encounter

Many NGOs and human rights organizations including Amnesty International doubted the action of the police and pressurized to investigate the shooting as they suspected if it was an extrajudicial killing.

Condemning the Police’s action, Avinash Kumar, the executive director of Amnesty International India, stated, “Extrajudicial Killings are not a solution to preventing rape.”

Meanwhile, after the news of killings, the victim’s mother told the BBC that “justice has been done.” Thousands of people hit the street celebrating the news with firecrackers and praised the action of the police.

According to the Victim’s mother, “My daughter’s soul is at peace now. Justice has been done. I never thought we would get justice. No other girl should experience what my daughter did.” The mother appealed that she also wanted a strict law on sexual assault issues in the country.

Across the country, the news of today’s police action has been widely celebrated on social media. It was considered a necessary step as the country has been infected with rape-related issues for many years.

According to government figures, police registered 33,658 rape cases in 2017 and on average about 92 people are raped every day in the country.

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