Google Funds Dunzo Expansion in India

Dunzo Digital Private Limited, a Bengaluru-based startup company, is a delivery service provider for various day-to-day needs of the people including daily groceries, fruits and vegetables, and medicines.

With a popular caption, ‘just Dunzo it’, the Google-backed app can connect a delivery partner who can purchase goods; pick up any items, and bring them back to the people.

The CEO of the company, Kabeer Biswas, told CNN Business, “Dunzo is like a browser on top of the real world, where you can transact, courier, and commute from one place to another without ever having to step into the real world.

Google Backed Dunzo

Dunzo brings the city to you, no matter where, no matter what, no matter when.”

Biswas further added, “What worked for Dunzo was that it was the first of its kind in India, and perhaps the world, to do what it does, and the seamlessness with which it solved real problems.”

The five years old company presently has more than 2 million transactions a month and is operating across nine Indian cities including New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

The company suffered a loss of 1.7 billion Rupees ($23.5 million) in 2018 despite its enormous revenue for providing services from 12,000 small business organizations. Recently, the company gained profits operating in some cities.

Google invested $ 12.3 million for the first time in an Indian startup company in 2017. The value of the company increased further when it received a Google invested $ 45 million once again in October 2019. After the latest investment, Dunzo’s current value is around $ 200 million.

“Just Dunzo It”, A Common Phrase

‘Just Dunzo It’ is becoming a popular phrase in big Indian cities. Biswas stated, “With any brand that becomes a verb, it has to do with the emotional gratification that that brand provides with its product or service.”

He further added, “Google simplified access to information, Uber made commuting more convenient, WhatsApp made communication easier and Dunzo has made getting things done faster”.

The company believes that it can help in getting everyday requirements since people living in the city lead fast-paced and hectic lives and do not get enough time to manage small tasks.

Additionally, as explained by the company officials, Dunzo has fewer delivery charges and that average delivery costs less than a dollar. However, the delivery charge is based on the amount of task and travel distance covered for an assigned job.

The company plans to expand in many other Indian cities, as the demand for the service increases. It aims to add nearly triple the existing cities it operates and targets new 25 cities in the coming 18 months.

Biswas also commented that the app is expected to an enormous number attract customers.

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