An Alarming Concern over North Korea’s Firing Missiles

South Korea military claimed that North Korea fired two projectiles on November 28, 2019, from an eastern province into the sea.

The launching of these projectiles had drawn paramount attention across many countries including Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo, as Pyongyang recently launched similar two unidentified missiles into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan on October 31, 2019.

As Japan Defense Minister said that the projectiles did not enter the country’s airspace or Exclusive Economic Zone.

North Korea; A Threat to the US, Japan, and South Korea

One of the grave concerns is that Pyongyang and Washington had not yet agreed upon the denuclearization deal and various military issues.

The talk between the two countries for the denuclearization deal was held on October 5, 2019, but they had failed to reach an agreement. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, warned Washington that the country has set the deadline for negotiations by the end of 2019.

The deadlock over the talk was because Washington had not accepted Pyongyang’s demands. North Korean demanded that the US must remove imposing sanctions and abandon hostile policies against Pyongyang.

Moreover, North Korea warned that the joint military exercise between Washington-Seoul was preparation for invasion and it must stop.

A Grave Concern for Asia’s Peace

What is alarming more concern for the US is Seoul’s cancelation of renewing the military deal for sharing intelligence information about the military developments of North Korea to Japan.

Seoul wanted Tokyo to remove its imposition and restrictions on exports to Seoul. Japan has a different set of issues with South Korea, as the former has trouble to bring forth reliable solutions to resolve the conflicts between the two.

Considering the deal, a key element of regional security cooperation in Asia, the US pressurized its two biggest regional allies– Seoul and Tokyo to come into an agreement soon.

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