US Warns Turkey against Signing Military Deal

The US has warned Turkey about signing a military deal with Russia. It is likely to impose sanctions against Turkey if the news of the military deal for buying Russia’s S-400 missiles is true.

The US canceled the supply of F-35 stealth fighter jet to Turkey, as the latter country bought S-400 batteries from Russia between July and September of 2019.

Testing of Russia’s missiles by the Turkish military near the capital, Ankara on Monday, November 26, 2019, has worsened the issue between the US and Turkey.

Russia’s Plan for Supplying Missiles

On November 26, 2019, the RIA news agency published that Alexander Mikheev, the Head of Rosoboronexport, a Russian state arms exporter, talked about the possibility of supplying S-400 missiles to Turkey in the first half of 2020.

The county had already signed a $ 2.5 billion contract in 2017 for the purchase of the Russian S-400s. He further added, “I want to stress that military-technical cooperation with Turkey is not limited to the supply of the S-400s. We have big plans ahead.”

Talks for Solution Over US-Turkey Relationship

Regarding the deadlock of the US-Turkey relationship, the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan stated,

“There is a process that is ongoing until April. Our defense and foreign ministers will carry out these efforts. We need to see where we get with these efforts.” The leader plans to speak to the US Government and sort out the existing disagreements.

Russia had delivered S-400s to Turkey in July 2017 and another batch would be delivered to the country in April 2020. Washington warns that possessing the missiles is against the NATO rules and Turkey needs to withdraw from the agreement.

The Turkish leader explained, “This is an issue that is related to NATO. There is nothing about using or not using them. There are steps that need to be taken within NATO rules. Our colleagues will do the work.”

Moscow Blaming US for Intervention

Considering the importance of owning Moscow-based missiles for Turkey’s national security, the Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu spoke to a media that “Turkey has given no promises to anyone about not installing or using the S-400s”.

Mikheev, on the other hand, stated that if the deal is finalized, it would solidify Moscow’s plans of manufacturing components of military arsenals and expand its defense systems in Turkey.

Criticizing the US’s efforts to intervene in the buying of Russian military arsenals, Mikheev stated, Washington policies of intervention would not work as many countries including India, China, and Turkey became self-reliant powerful in their international affairs and could make their own decisions.

He further stated that the US policies of intervention to be outrageous as many countries were prevented from developing their defense forces and military systems with the cooperation of Russia.



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