Uber License Canceled by London Transport Authorities

The London Transport authorities have banned Uber from operating after canceling its license. The Transport for London (TfL), in September 2019, granted license to Uber for two-month with instructions for improving safety measures.

However, the decision to cancel the license was taken by the authorities in light of several complaints including the violation of passenger safety as well as several other rules and regulations.

Despite its promise to keep passenger safety a top priority, Uber was found evading the legal agreement and many Uber drivers were founded conducting crimes against the passengers.

Lacking Passenger’s Safety Measures

The primary reason for the cancelation of the license is that the Uber system is weak and has no technologies to combat the misuse of fake drivers.

As identified by TfL, many unauthorized drivers could breach the system and pick up passengers without the knowledge of the Uber officials.

Thus, allowing unlicensed drivers working for Uber is a serious problem and one of the reasons for the cancelation. TfL found that more than 14,000 trips in the UK were taken by the drivers who had faked their identity on the Uber app. The situation was putting passengers at risk.

The concerning issues for the cancelation of the  Uber license in London are to make sure that the company is fit to conduct proper transport for the passengers and to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Saying A Past Failures, Filling A Case

Uber’s General Manager for Northern & Eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood responded that the decision of the transport authority was wrong and the company would file a case in the Court against the decision to renew the license.

Jamie Heywood defended that the company’s policies have been changed to keep the passenger’s safety as their priority over the last two years, after the accusations of sexual assault on passengers.

Uber has 45,000 licensed drivers with 3.5 million drivers in London alone. Considering these factors, the company assures that it will soon resolve the existing issues with the TfL and continue its normal operations in London.

Unresolved As the Authority Lacks Confidence

With this development of the recent decision, London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan summarized that the decision might be shocking news to Uber’s customers, but the authority considered the safety provision was the main concern.

One key problem is that the London authority lacks confidence in Uber about tackling the preventive steps against the violation of the legal provisions of the agreement and the issue of passengers’ safety.

The Mayor emphasized, “Regulations are there to keep Londoners safe, and fully complying with TfL’s strict standards is essential if private hire operators want a license to operate in London.”


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