U.S. Senate Passes Bill Protecting Raged Hong Kong Protesters Rights

Hong Kong protestors may have calmed down a little after the U.S. Senate unanimously passed legislation on Tuesday aimed at protecting human rights in the city. However, this move has drawn condemnation from Beijing.

China condemned the passing of the legislation, reiterating that if the bill passes into law, it will have unspecified retaliation and urged the U.S. to stop interfering in the Hong Kong political affairs.

The “Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act” will be sent out to the House Of Representatives, which approved its own version in October 2019. Following the U.S. Senate vote, the two U.S. chambers need to reconcile and approve a unified bill before sending it out to the White House for Donald Trump to sign into law.

What will happen if the bill turns into a law?

The President of the United States can impose sanctions on those who threaten the individual of HongKong. Moreover, the city will have special trading considerations that help the city to fortify its status as Asia’s financial trade center.

The U.S. Senate Pompeo has expressed concerns regarding Hong Kong’s escalating violence and urged China to give them their rights and maintain liberties which they promised after taking back the territory from the British in 1997.

Earlier, Donald Trump promised President Xi Jinping to remain silent on the protests during the trade talks. CNN reported.

China and HongKong’s statement on the passed legislation

“The democracy and human rights held so dearly by the American people are once again abused by some American politicians to justify violence and disorder,” China’s Embassy tweeted.

The HongKong Government officials expressed that the city’s constitutional rights are enough to safeguard the citizen’s rights and added that the bill will “harm the relations and common interests between Hong Kong and the US.”

The whole Hong Kong protest which started with the deeply controversial bill that would indirectly give China authority over the city has left the city burning, and students stranded in the universities.

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